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Biographie Excavators, also known as excavating machinery, are earthmoving machinery that uses buckets to excavate materials above or below the bearing surface, and load them into transport vehicles or unload them to stockpiles. The materials excavated by the excavator are mainly soil, coal, silt, soil and rock after pre-loosening. Judging from the development of construction machinery in recent years, the development of excavators is relatively fast, and excavators have become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. The three most important parameters of an excavator are operating weight (mass), engine power and bucket capacity.

In use, in order to adapt to different situations, many different excavators have appeared. And for sure, different excavators have to be equipped with different excavator parts.

1. Backhoe: The backhoe is the most common type we have ever seen. It can be used for excavation below the shutdown working surface. The basic operation methods include ditch end excavation, ditch side excavation, straight line excavation, curve excavation, excavation with a certain angle, ultra-deep trench excavation and trench slope excavation.

2. Front shovel excavator: The shovel action form of the front shovel excavator. It is characterized by forward and upward, forcibly cutting the soil.

3. Dragline excavator: Dragline excavator is also called cable shovel excavator. Its digging characteristics are backward and downward, and the soil is cut by its own weight. It is suitable for excavation of Class I and II soils below the stop surface. When working, the bucket is thrown out by inertial force, and the digging distance is relatively large, and the digging radius and digging depth are large, but it is not as flexible and accurate as the backhoe. It is especially suitable for excavating large and deep foundation pits or underwater excavation.

4. Grab shovel excavator: Grab shovel excavator is also called grab bucket shovel. The characteristics of its excavation are straight up and down, and the soil is cut by its own weight.

Except for excavator, hydraulic drilling machine set is also a widely used equipment in construction. A hydraulic drilling rig is a drilling rig that uses oil pressure to drive and control all moving parts. This type of drilling rig realizes the stepless speed change by means of the high-pressure variable oil pump and the variable oil motor, which can simplify the transmission mechanism and remove the gear box, which not only reduces the weight of the drilling rig, but also makes full use of the power. At the same time, the drilling rig together with A vibratory hammer has high speed, stable operation, convenient and safe operation. It is easy to realize automation and instrumentation, and has good adaptability to high-speed small-diameter drilling (such as diamond drilling) and engineering drilling with high torque and low speed.

Features of hydraulic drilling rig:

1. The power head hydraulic drilling rig consists of the following parts: hydraulic pump station, power head, frame, operating table, column support, etc.

2. Because it is a sub-volume wooden structure, it is convenient for underground transportation and installation.

3. Unique hydraulic system, full hydraulic transmission, simple and labor-saving operation.

4. Because it is connected by tubing and equipped with blowout prevention drill pipe, when the drilling rig is working, the operator can stay away from the wellhead, which is safer.

5. When the drilling rig is working, the frame support of the power head is a frame type support, and several holes can be drilled up, down, left and right in one installation, which saves auxiliary time and has high efficiency. 
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