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Biographie Why Choose Banker Architectural Wire Mesh for Architecture?

As an extremely versatile material, mesh is ever-growing in popularity for use within a number of applications. Not only customizable, durable and sustainable, architectural wire mesh is also available in thousands of patterns, the perfect medium to satisfy any project, no matter the function or aesthetic. We offer a wide variety of woven wire mesh as well as a selection of ornamental welded wire mesh for architectural applications. With over 100 years of experience in wire mesh manufacturing, Banker Wire has the knowledge and product selection to achieve any budget or visual goal. From parking garages to millwork and cladding, from space dividers and displays to fences and enclosures, wire mesh’s multifaceted nature establishes it as a favored material for any project, whether functional, detail-oriented, aesthetic, creative, commercial or ornamental.

Wire Mesh in Architectural Railings

Railings are an important element of any architectural project, more specifically, railing infill. Infill panels work in tandem with a chosen garden railing system. They are used as protective barriers and methods to guide people in high traffic areas such as stadiums, schools, entertainment venues, and in many more applications. Not only are railing infill panels functional, but they contribute to the overall aesthetic of their surroundings. Able to conceal or give high levels of transparency while maintaining a simple or highly decorative design, wire mesh as railing infill is extremely versatile and practical.

Architectural mesh is the perfect choice for stair railing infill, whether the project is commercial or residential in nature. Wire mesh is often specified as infill panels because it offers visibility, safety, and aesthetic potential. Banker Wire offers a wide range of alloys, which means there is always an option to suit the project, no matter the budget, function, and aesthetic. With a variety of patterns, from simple to highly elaborate, architectural wire mesh is a unique addition to both traditionally styled and contemporary balcony railings. Because of its strength and durability, Banker Wire wire mesh used as railing infill panels are highly functional and can either blend seamlessly with the surroundings or make a bold creative statement.

Restoration Projects Utilizing Wire Mesh

Restoration projects preserve the invaluable history of things like historic buildings, residences, automobiles, and much more. Attention to detail is extremely important when restoring any piece, especially when attempting historical accuracy. From the type of wood used, to the particular pattern of a vehicle’s grille, restoration hobbyists and specialists know that quality and detail matters in every project.

As a wire mesh manufacturer with over 100 years of experience, Banker Wire is no stranger to how wire mesh has been used throughout history. Wire mesh is a timeless decorative material and, since its invention, it has grown to include an abundance of raw material and pattern choices. The wide range of densities and patterns that have been manufactured over the years has made wire mesh the economical and aesthetic choice for a variety of applications and industries. Automotive grilles, radiant water heat cabinets, and ornamental railing are a few popular examples of how wire mesh found a useful and decorative function throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Using Architectural Mesh in Steel Fences & Enclosures

Iron Fences and enclosures often have strict regulations that require exact specifications to meet code regulations while also maintaining affordability. Pools, playgrounds, rail yards, sports venues, and many other types of locations utilize fences or enclosures for safety and security. Lately, designers have been looking to maintain function while using fence materials that are more ornamental, such as wire mesh.

Banker Wire’s architectural wire mesh is extremely versatile for fencing and enclosure projects. Thousands of patterns are available in a multitude of sizes, scales, and raw materials to fit any requirement from simple to complex. Any pattern or wire spacing can be customized to fit your project. Wire mesh can either allow for openness and uninterrupted sight lines, or it can obscure and seclude areas, depending on the needs of the designer. Complete versatility combined with a wide range of patterns to fit every budget, wire mesh for aluminum fences or enclosures is a logical, cost-effective choice.

Applications for Millwork & Cladding

Traditionally, millwork is a term that relates to any exposed wood in a finished building, such as cabinetry. While custom wood cabinets are beautiful, from time to time, they may need a little extra ornamentation to fit with the aesthetic of their surrounding area. The combination of metal against wood draws out the beauty and warmth of wood with the coolness of metal. Architectural wire mesh used as cladding, also known as surfacing, utilizes very similar techniques to add texture and intrigue to elevator cabs, office lobbies, furniture, and many other applications. Wire mesh can cover an entire surface, or just part of one to create any look the designer desires.

Banker Wire prides itself on being a versatile architectural mesh manufacturer for many different clients and projects all around the world. Woven wire mesh as part of millwork or cladding makes a striking impression in commercial and residential spaces. The fundamental composition of ornamental wire mesh patterns has a creative fluidity to it that allows the wire mesh to fit both bold and delicate arrangements. In addition, wire mesh is a robust material that can withstand the rigors of high traffic areas. With such wide variety of patterns, Banker Wire can find a design to complement any space, both modern and traditional.

Using Wire Mesh Fence in Parking Garages

Parking garages are a necessity in urban design and need to be secure, well-ventilated, and economical to the best of the designer’s ability. However, some designs call for elaborate and decorative elements that can come in many different forms. From utilitarian to a unique aesthetic, parking garages come in all varieties, and wire mesh is oftentimes the material of choice.

For parking garages, Banker Wire’s architectural wire mesh serves as security as well as improving ventilation. When specified to do so, wire mesh can aid in protecting the contents of parking garages while allowing air and light to flow freely through the space. Banker Wire can customize any wire mesh pattern to fit the exact specifications of the architect. Architectural mesh can provide not just the functionality that parking garages require, but wire mesh can also deliver a beautiful aesthetic to match any vision. No matter the size of the project specifications, Banker Wire’s wide range of wire mesh patterns and customization options make for the perfect choice.

Applications for Canopies

In many architectural applications, canopies are used to provide varying levels of shade and shelter from weather conditions like rain, hail, and snow. Architectural canopies can also be purely aesthetic, giving a sense of luxury or artistry to a pedestrian area. From fabric to metal, a canopy can combine many different materials to suit the intent of its designer. From purely aesthetic to functional, architectural wire mesh can make a special addition to any canopy design.

Architectural wire mesh is an excellent choice for canopies, and Banker Wire has developed a vast range of patterns to suit almost any project’s requirement. With wire mesh as part of a canopy, pedestrians are given protection from the sun while still allowing light to pass through. What’s more, interesting shade patterns develop as a result of light filtering through the mesh, creating points of interest for those who find shade beneath the canopy. Banker Wire architectural wire mesh comes in a wide range of densities that can be customized to suit the designer’s concept. With its extensive array of architectural mesh designs, Banker Wire can easily find a pattern that complements the aesthetic of any project. 
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